LEGO 30187 Alternate MOC – Micro Flatbed

LEGO Micro Flatbed MOC


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This is an alternate build for the LEGO Creator Fast Car (30187) set. This is another one of the small LEGO Creator sets. This set only comes with 56 pieces and plans for one creation. I love the challenge of creating a good alternate design for these small LEGO Creator sets. This MOC is a micro flatbed truck with tilting bed.

Front and Side

Front Grill

Flatbed Raised

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LEGO Creator Fast Car Quick Review (30187)

LEGO Creator Fast Car (30187)

LEGO Creator 30187 Review

56 Pieces
4 Additional Spare Pieces
Retail Price: $3.29
Target Easter Exclusive (for now)

The set took my daughter, age 4, and me about 5 minutes to put together. It was a quick but fun build. The final car is very sturdy. It has taken a few spills off the kitchen counter already and has remained mostly enact. My daughter’s favorite part is that it rolls better than a lot of her non-LEGO car toys. I would give this LEGO set a recommendation of BUY.

As an added bonus the polybag includes a free child’s ticket to any LEGO Land or LEGO Land Discovery Center.