LEGO Disney Princess – Ariel’s Magical Kiss Review



LEGO Disney Princess – Ariel’s Magical Kiss is the latest LEGO set that I put together with my daughter. The Little Mermaid is currently her second favorite Disney movie behind Frozen. There aren’t any Disney Frozen LEGO sets yet so we decided on The Little Mermaid. ┬áThis set is based on the boat ride that Prince Eric and Ariel take in the middle of the movie. In this scene the animals are trying to get Prince Eric to kiss Ariel to break the spell and regain her voice.

Quick Stats:
Pieces: 250
Released: 2014
Price: $29.99
Set Pieces: 5
Minifigs: 2

Set Pieces

LEGO_Ariel_Tree The Willow Tree set piece is very strong piece in this set. Besides the main building this would be my favorite. Even though it doesn’t have many pieces it has a nice visual look when it is finished.

LEGO_Ariel_FrogThe Frog Set piece is a little over simplified. I am not sure why LEGO didn’t do more with this piece. It looks a little small and cheap with the rest of the set. I would have preferred that they added the frog to the tree or created a larger animal stand.

LEGO_Ariel_BoatThe Boat set piece is very cute but it is more of a toy than a LEGO. The boat is comprised of one solid piece with studs on the inside to attach LEGO pieces to. I would have preferred a boat you could construct over a completed piece.


The Dock piece is a well designed piece that fits well with the theme. The plant pieces add color and and nice organic look.


The Main Building is the primary piece in this set. It contains a table with two thrones and a lookout with a telescope. The piece is very attractive and fits the theme perfectly. I really only have one complaint with it. When you set the Ariel minifig in her seat at the table she doesn’t fit perfectly; her hair makes her lean forward over the table.



The minifigs are amazing LEGO replicas of Ariel and Prince Eric. The minifigs are LEGO Friends sized and not the traditional size minifigs.

Favorite Brick

LEGO_Ariel_Window_ArchThe set includes three of these beautiful window pieces. When it comes time to tear this set down I look forward to using these in my own creations. I think they would work well as a store front or a fun classic building look.



  • Fits the theme well.
  • Has some nice reusable pieces like the windows, tower railings, and tree pieces.
  • Good minifigs
  • My daughter has lots of fun making up stories with this scene


  • I would have preferred larger set pieces instead of 5 set pieces.
  • The boat is more toy than LEGO.
  • The theme may not appeal to everyone

I would recommend this set to anyone that the theme appeals to but you money may be better spent elsewhere if Disney Princesses are not your style.



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